Farmers Resolve: Death or Victory

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December 23, 2020
Supreme Court provides safe passage to government, stays controversial farm laws
January 12, 2021
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Farmers Resolve: Death or Victory

Over 50 farmers have already died in the farmers protest so far

10 Jan 2021
Nirmesh Singh
In the last meeting government clearly washed its hands off the farmers’ demands and put everything on Supreme Court. By saying that only the Supreme Court can review the laws and Centre will abide by the directions of the apex court, government clearly means that it is not only finding it difficult to strike a chord with farmers but also wants to get absolved of the charges of not accepting farmers demands of repealing the controversial farm laws and a making separate act for assuring the minimum support price (MSP).

Government is failing the talks repeatedly. Modi Government’s dictatorial attitude has missed reading the writing on the farmers placard – death or victory. It clearly reiterated the farmers’ resolve. Remember, over 50 farmers have already died in this protest.

Hiding behind Supreme Court is not the way elected government should work. Government should face people. Here, constitutionality of the law is not the question. Question is about the policy matter that government wants to implement through these laws. Question is about the rigidity of Government on the issue even after eighth round of talks. It should bend and bowing in front of people does not mean defeat.

Government should work on to earn the trust of farmers now by immediately repealing the three controversial farm laws as famers and majority of experts see them as anti-farmer and pro corporates.

Demanding the law to ensure Minimum Support Price (MSP) is justified as legalising MSP is the best way to boost the farmers’ income. The MSP law should be applicable on both government and private players. This will remove the uncertainty over assured income for their crop yields. CACP had recommended MSP for 23 crops.

Prime Minister must learn to hear, understand and accept the word NO. Sooner the better as he is now being perceived anti farmer not only in India but globally too.