Farmer leaders demand legal guarantee of MSP, express concern over deteriorating condition of agricultural and migrant workers

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August 22, 2023
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August 30, 2023
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Farmer leaders demand legal guarantee of MSP, express concern over deteriorating condition of agricultural and migrant workers

All India Joint Convention of Workers and Farmers was attended by large number of people

Nirmesh Singh

New Delhi, 24 August 2023

Farmer leaders at All India Joint Convention of Workers and Farmers on Monday expressed concern over the aggressive pro-corporate policies pursued by the Modi Government since 2014 and demanded implementation of written assurances made by the Union Government including the legal guarantee of MSP along with withdrawal of PMFBY and establishing a comprehensive Public Sector Crop Insurance Scheme for all crops, implementing a comprehensive farm loan waiver, controlling price rise and removal of GST on essential items.

The convention also highlighted the agricultural crisis in India due to the pro-corporate and anti-farmer policies of the Union Government, which has resulted in falling incomes and rising indebtedness and suicides among the farmers.

They said, despite written assurances, the Union Government has failed to honour commitments made to the farmers regarding Minimum Support Price (MSP) and the Electricity (Amendment) Bill.

The convention was called by Samyukta Kisan Morcha and Joint Platform of Central Trade Unions, representing farmers and workers from across the nation.

Speaking to Agri Nation, Avik Saha, National President, Jai Kisan Andolan said, “The expose by Reporters Collective shows as a trailer of the murky dealings that take place in the BJP ecosystem. I am sure this is not the last chapter of the story. There are masks behind masks behind masks on the real face of the puppeteer who pulls the strings that makes the Union Government dance or maybe that shady face and the leader of the Union Govt are tangoing.”

“But what is clearly known is that this Govt operates in a completely opaque, erratic, and irrational manner, even while taking decisions about the future of 60% of the people of this country. Hence this Govt. is irresponsible and unfit to govern,” he added.

In addition to farmers issues, the convention also raised the challenges faced by the workers and labourers, with rising unemployment, declining job security, and increasing prices of essential goods. The erosion of workers’ rights through the new labour codes, and the deteriorating condition of agricultural and migrant workers, who lack social security and are pushed into poverty, was also highlighted.

A nationwide call to action was also announced, including observing the 3rd of October as a Black Day to remember the Lakhimpur Kheri massacre of farmers in 2021 and organizing a Mahapadav in front of Raj Bhawan in every state capital from 26th to 28th November. Determined and massive protest actions are also planned for December 2023 and January 2024.