The state fruit “Pineapple” of Tripura needs urgent attention

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June 7, 2019
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The state fruit “Pineapple” of Tripura needs urgent attention

Agri Nation News Network (ANN)
Agartala. 13 June 2019

All is not well with the state fruit “Pineapple” of Tripura. Although the horticulture department of Tripura announced that 193.10 MT of pineapple has been supplied to different parts of India and Bangladesh, in last one month but pineapple growers continue to face market crisis as there are no takers for the crop.  Worst affected areas are Daudarani and Sonamura where the crop got decomposed in the field itself waiting for the traders.

Coming to the figure of 193.10 MT, it also includes 100 MT of pineapple that has been exported to Bangladesh and 113 MT of Queen Pineapple, which is said to be the best variety of pineapple. As per reports, pineapples have not been exported to any other country except Bangladesh.

The Tripura Industrial Development Corporation (TIDC) has declared that the state government is committed to extend support to the pineapple growers.