Taiwan organizing Assam Tea ceremony

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October 14, 2018
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October 30, 2018
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Taiwan organizing Assam Tea ceremony

Nirmesh Singh


New Delhi. 21 Oct 2018

Aroma of Assam tea has reached Taiwan and soon the faculty and students of NCH University (National Chung Hsing University) will enjoy various varieties of Assam tea. The University is organizing a tea ceremony with Assam teas on 23rd October 2018 for the faculties and students of the university.

Dr Pradeep Baruah, a tea researcher and expert from Assam has been invited for the ceremony and he would be carrying various types of Assam teas with him. NCHU has arranged a tea ceremony on all these teas.

He said, “I shall be carrying organic handmade green, orthodox, teas and aged Singpho tea – phalap besides conventional CTC tea. NCHU has arranged a tea ceremony on all these teas”.

Phalap is an unfermented variety of tea. It is hand processed mostly by the Singpho woman.

Dr Baruah also said, “I shall deliver a lecture on origin and development of Assam & other India tea also and will also carry a special handmade yellow tea of Assam and white silver tips tea”.

One yellow tea, he told that he had initiated yellow tea production in Assam about two years back on demand of La Gravitea, a tea lounge run by hearing impaired in Jamshedpur.

Arin Tea in Golaghat produces Yellow Tea.

Urging everyone to try yellow tea, Dr Rakhi Dutta Saikia, Director of Arin Tea, claims that “Yellow tea is smooth and aromatic with a sweet and floral taste. It is believed to have similar benefits like green tea such as preventing cancer and lowering cholesterol. It can be more effective than other teas in preventing liver damage”.

The tea ceremony will popularize Assam tea in Taiwan and strengthen cultural ties.