MP farmers protest drop in garlic prices

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March 21, 2018
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March 22, 2018
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MP farmers protest drop in garlic prices


Bhopal. 22 March 2018

After a drop in the prices of garlic in Madhya Pradesh, farmers in Mandsaur district on Wednesday took to streets to protest against the falling costs.

The farmers, along with some Congress members, started off with a tractor rally and carried packets of garlic and wore a garlic garland on their necks as a part of the protest.

The rally started from Pipliya mandi and ended at the Gandhi circle in the district, where the farmers and the Congress party members offered garlic to Gandhi’s statute. They also warned the administration to ask the government to set a fair price or else they would hold a bigger protest next time.

A protesting farmer said, “One sack costs us Rs. 17,000 while outside it costs at Rs. 1200-1300, due to which all the farmers are reeling in debt.”